NCFM Adviser Charles E. Corry Ph.D., F.G.S.A., Radical Feminism — Flotsam and Jetsam From the Past 50 Years


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NCFM NOTE: Dr. Corry’s 18 page history of radical feminism offers a terrifying view of past, present and future destruction. Be prepared to learn things about the USA you never imagined could happen.


For nearly two decades the Equal Justice Foundation has been pointing out that under current laws a man has to be functionally insane to marry, and a drooling idiot to sire a child. It seems redundant to state that no modern nation can long survive under such conditions.

Here are some of the reasons why this is true. It is past time to take a look at some of the flotsam and jetsam of these feminist-inspired “laws.” I speak of domestic violence and abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, child abuse, harassment, no fault divorce, child support, paternity fraud, manspreading, among others. All of these “laws” are so broadly written and ill-defined that virtually every human action or interaction can be found to somehow violate them.

And these “laws” do not define a “crime” in the conventional sense of the word. Instead, whether the accused is guilty of one of these “crimes” is almost entirely dependent on the emotions and feelings of the “victim.” For example, is it “domestic violence” or a lovers quarrel? Is it “rape,” or morning after remorse? Is it “harassment,” or simply a
disagreeable email? And so on…

With few exceptions, only heterosexual males and Christians (see Baskerville, pp. 216-257) are guilty of these “crimes,” which now include such things as a man sitting on a subway with his legs spread too far apart.

Worse, hearsay is often admitted as evidence, perjury is virtually never prosecuted. Due process, as well as presumption of innocence are quaint artifacts of the past.

In the process feminists, and the useful idiot legislators who kowtow to their demands in order to “protect the children,” “make it safe for women,” “stop rape,” among other agitprop so well known and developed by tyrants in the 20th Century.

Ultimately, feminist ideology is fatal to civilization and, with it, most females. But feminists of my acquaintance are too often narcissistic and self centered to care about the future. Fortunately, these viragos seldom reproduce, and when they do it is virtually always as a single mother, or in a lesbian couple, so their children are quite unlikely
to have the education and drive necessary to sustain this totalitarian movement over time.

However, while the feminist movement is running its course, the flotsam and jetsam in their wake continues to build in the form of destroyed men, children, families, and the women who depend on them.

A brief history

Over the past twenty years the Equal Justice Foundation has compiled a large number of articles by both men and women. These sad stories describe the progressive destruction of the Constitutional Republic provided us by the Founding Fathers, i.e., “dead white males” in feminist parlance, in order to bring us today’s socialist paradise.

Recently Prof. Stephen Baskerville has summarized and comprehensively referenced this destruction in
his book The New Politics of Sex. Interested readers should either review his work for further details; or the many articles, statistics, stories, and reviews compiled by the Equal Justice Foundation concerning these injustices.

Read the rest here: 

national coalition for menRadical Feminism — Flotsam and Jetsam From the Past 50 Years





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