NCFM Member Jim Jackson, “…a few quick thoughts on the current sexual abuse hysteria”


Here are a few quick thoughts on the current sexual abuse hysteria.

Of course, if men abuse the power they have in hiring, firing, and promoting subordinates in order to get sex, they should be punished.  Of course, if men use their physical strength to overpower women to get sex, they should be punished.  Of course, if men go after young girls, they should be punished.   

Of course, if men sexually harass women, they should be punished.  Well, sometimes.  Sexual harassment is kind of vague.  It can be mild.  It can be severe.  Where we draw the line on what gets punished seems to vary with each individual and each instance.  Barack Obama once said that persistence was the reason he got Michelle to marry him.  It seems persistence today is considered sexual harassment.  Hillary Clinton rejected Bill’s first two marriage proposals.  Could his third proposal be considered sexual harassment?  One of Roy Moore’s accusers, Becky Gray, came forward to complain that he asked her out when she was 22 years old.  It seems that what is considered sexual harassment is ever-widening.  

Not only this, but it seems that all male sexuality is potentially criminal nowadays.  It seems that anything sexual that a woman finds objectionable is considered sexual harassment or abuse.

This is totally hypocritical and unfair.  There appear to be few restrictions on women’s sexuality.  Women can expose their breasts.  They can wear leggings so tight that camel toe shows through.  They can wear blatantly sexual makeup.  They can expose much skin.  And they broadcast these things to every man within sight.  But we are not allowed to complain about these things.  Women can be sexual but men can’t.   

sexual abuse

Rose McGowan

Consider actress Rose McGowan, who has been very vocal recently about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse.  She collected $100,000 from Weinstein that paid for her silence for 20 years.    Also, when she was a struggling actress, this picture (below) shows how she used her sexuality to try to get ahead in acting.  This picture is from her appearance at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards.  You cannot get much more naked.  Was she shamed for this?  Was she charged with sexual harassment?  Did she get acting jobs because of her fine acting skills?sexual abuse

Also consider Leeann Tweeden, who accused Al Franken of sexual abuse.  She was a model for a Hooter’s calendar.  She also modeled for Frederick’s of Hollywood and Fitness Beach.  Obviously, she used her sexual appearance to get ahead in her career.  How can women be so hypocritical when they use sex to get what they want and then raise holy hell when rich men try to use their money to get sex? 

For a longer, more detailed version of these views, please see the article, Women’s Sexual Power, at


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NCFM Member Jim Jackson, “…a few quick thoughts on the current sexual abuse hysteria”    

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