NCFM Update on the Vladek Filler district attorney persecution saga. HE WON, as in #MeToo!

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This story demonstrates why women should not be automatically believed when they allege sexual assault, nor should men for that matter.

In the world of the Men’s Rights Movement, mammoth victories are rare. Here is one.

Vladek FillerVladek Filler’s 11-year war against corrupt Maine prosecutors and other law enforcement officials has closed.

Vladek’s road to justice caused one prosecutor to be sanctioned, a district attorney not to run for reelection, the cleansing of entire district attorney’s office of bigots, an enormous appellate ruling reaffirming that under some circumstances prosecutors do not enjoy unlimited immunity, and his civil suit settlement was achieved without signing a confidentiality agreement, the latter of which is rare. Thus, Vladek is free to discuss the settlement as he sees fit, and so is the public.

The $375,000 monetary settlement is the first one against the State of Maine for wrongful prosecution, which is huge. Nevertheless, even before attorney fees, and compared to all the suffering by Vladek and his family, that amount in no way makes Vladek and his family whole, financially and otherwise.

Eleven years. He never gave up. He stood up for his beliefs in our Constitutional protections.

If, as the #MeToo movement would have us believe, Vladek had not stood firm, false accusations by his deranged ex-wife* would have destroyed him. Moreover, his children’s, sister and the rest of his family would continue to suffer after enduring over a decade of abuse by Maine’s deplorable criminal justice system, including bad actors all the way to the State Supreme Court.

We are pleased to have played a small supporting role in Vladek’s saga by publishing articles, filing a companion complaint to Vladek’s with Maine’s Board of Overseers of the Bar against the corrupt prosecutor Marry Kellett and implied co-conspirators, and inviting our friend Vladek to speak at our 40th Anniversary Conference last year.

We are deeply indebted to anyone like Vladek who has the strength, courage and tenacity to withstand the torrent of public ridicule through ill-conceived media reports and unjust persecution by an Assistant District Attorney with the tacit support of her supervisor, the District Attorney.

No allegation should be believed simply because it comes from a woman, which on its face is ridiculous which Vladek’s situation clearly demonstrates. Perhaps worse, few consider the devastation inflicted on the falsely accused’s family, career and future. Here, like in the majority of similar cases, the false accuser will go unpunished. She will be free to accuse again. Why? For no reason other than she is a woman…

*After watching this video, any reasonable person would have known Vladek’s wife’s allegations against were false. She, Vladek’s wife, should have been arrested and charged, not Vladek.

See: Man reaches settlement with Maine officials after suing over rape allegations

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NCFM Update on the Vladek Filler district attorney persecution saga. HE WON!

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