NCFM Washington D.C. Rally September 9-10, 2022


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marc angelucci

In Twin Cities, MN, over the weekend of July 8-10, 2022, NCFM is planning a face-to-face board meeting, 45th anniversary celebration, and Celebration of Life in honor of 30-year NCFM member and our sorely missed and much-loved Vice-President, Marc Angelucci, Esq. who was murdered July 11, 2020.

This event is in the planning stages and will be dependent on the status of COVID and other factors arising due to our questionable economy, both or either of which may make it problematic if not impossible to hold such an event.

For planning purposes, please RSVP here so we can get an idea of how many may attend. The exact location and all of the details will be forthcoming once we have a better idea of how many to expect.

You do not have to be an NCFM member to attend the celebration events, but you do have to be an NCFM member to attend the board meeting.

We would love to have you join us.

Please go to our Facebook event page and let us know if you are coming to the event or at least considering coming to the event: 

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